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cf. ibid., op. cit., MLA, APA et al. Ron Johnston examines the finer points of citation, arguing that only conformists will be published. I have recently been asked to contribute to several academic encyclopaedias, with instructions to authors including wording such as: Avoid direct quotations from and citations of other works. Cf. Mill, op. cit., Book V, chap. 2, section 3). By doing this the author thinks to have escaped the difficulties involved in Mill's position and to have arranged for the automatic exemption of savings. Without going into the details of the arguments, psychological, tech- nological, social, and political, which the author adduces in favor of his theory, it may be noted that no little trouble. Bedeutungen für die Abkürzung op.cit. Alle Bedeutungen im Überblick Ähnliche Abkürzungen zu op.cit. 25570 Abkürzungen online Jetzt Abkürzungen & Bedeutungen auf Woxikon ansehen einmal angegeben wurde: a.a.O. / loc.cit. (am angegebenen Ort) !Bezug auf ein Zitat aus einem anderen Text: zit. n. (zitiert nach), zit. in (zitiert in), op. cit. (im zitierten Werk) !Betonung, dass eine Textstelle, ein Ausdruck, ein Rechtschreibfehler oder sonstiges im zitierten Werk tatsächlich so steht: sic Cf Max Weber Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft op cit particularly the section on the from DEPT 126 at Mindanao State University - General Santo

cf. ibid., op. cit., MLA, APA et al. Times Higher ..

Op.cit., cf. and the like. Post your questions & get help from friendly LibriVoxers. 12 posts • Page 1 of 1. Piotrek81 Posts: 3995 Joined: November 3rd, 2011, 10:02 pm Location: Poznań, Poland. Post by Piotrek81 » May 5th, 2013, 6:01 pm In reading a scholarly work how would you spell out such abbreviations as op.cit., cf., viz. and the like? Should I just read them out as the full Latin. Op. cit. thus refers the reader to the bibliography, where the full citation of the work can be found, or to a full citation given in a previous footnote. Op. cit. should never therefore be used on its own, which would be meaningless, but most often with the author's surname, or another brie op.cit. is an abbreviation of opere citato that means 'in the work cited'. op.cit. is used together with the author's name and page number when the full reference has already been cited. Y. Anzai and H. A. Simon. The theory of learning by doing. Psychological Review, 86, 124-180, 1979, p. 126; J. R. Anderson Claus Ferdinand Eisenberger ist ein deutscher Facharzt für Allgemeine Chirurgie-, Viszeral- und Thoraxchirurgie. Er ist Universitätsprofessor an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf und Chefarzt der Chirurgie im städtischen Krankenhaus Holweide. Eisenberger ist bekannt für seine klinischen Arbeiten auf den Gebieten Viszeralmedizin, endokrine Chirurgie, onkologische Chirurgie und hepatobilliäre Chirurgie der Leber und des Pankreas. Claus F. Eisenberger ist der Sohn des. 50 Smith & Hogan, op. cit., p. 241; similarly Samuels, Excusable Loss of Self-Control in Homicide (1971) 34 M.L.R. 163, arguing that the inscrutability of the jury verdict would remove the matter from the ambit of the law. 51 51 Cf. the analysis above, pp. 296-297. 52 52 e.g. in McCarthy [1954] 2 Q.B. 105 Google Scholar; McPherson (1957) 41 Cr.App.R. 213 Google Scholar; Walker.

Cf. Mill, op. cit., Book V, chap. - journals.uchicago.ed

11 A characteristically Stoic interpretation, cf Kirk, op.cit. (supra n.5) 335ff. 13 Fraenkel, op.cit. (supra n.5) 323ff. U Now edited by L. Taran, MondolfojTaran, op.cit. (supra n.5) 323ff. 15 Ep. 5 lines 12f Taran. 11 Cf Mondolfo/Taran, op.cit. (supra n.5) 293. 11 Cf Mondolfo/Taran, op.eft. (supra n.5) 19 n.8d Sheen (op. cit.) compared direct and metalinguistic CF, finding that both were effective in increasing accuracy in the students' use of articles in subsequent writing completed immediately after the CF treatment. Interestingly, the metalinguistic CF also proved more effective than the direct CF in the long term (i.e. in a new piece of writing completed two weeks after the treatment)

Le fait qu'une désignation ait été enregistrée comme marque à l'étranger n'est donc qu'un élément parmi d'autres qui peut être pris en compte (cf. WILLI, op. cit., n. 9 ad art. 2 LPM; DAVID, op. cit., n. 7 ad art. 2 LPM; MARBACH, op. cit., p. 30) ca. circa (um, etwa, ungefähr) cf. confer (vergleiche) coll. collegit (gesammelt von, durch) corr. correctus, frz.: corrigé (korrigiert) cur. curavit (besorgt durch For a reconstruction of Hadrian's titulature in this inscription see Eck and Foerster, op. cit. (n. 89). In contrast to Vespasian in 70, Hadrian chose not to advertise the victory on the imperial coinage. Conditions, however, were hardly the same in 136. Thus no cause for surprise: cf. Mildenberg, L., The Coinage of the Bar Kokhba War (1984), 96f José L. de Imaz,op. cit., p. 9. 30. José L. de Imaz,op. cit., p. 60 and p. 175. 31. Cf. S. N. Eisenstadt,op. cit., chapter 1. 32. Cf. Gino Germani, Antisemitismo Ideológico y Antisemitismo Traditional,Comentarios, 1962, no. 34. 3 Gliederung und Gipfel. Die Gruppe gliedert sich durch den Unterlauf des Paltenbachs bei Palten in zwei orographisch getrennte Gruppen: Spitzberg im Süden (Großer 1396 m, Kleiner 1366 m ), mit Schwarzkogel ( 1300 m) über der Hopfing; und den Talhügeln um Frauenstein

Abkürzung: op.cit. - alle Bedeutungen Was bedeutet das

  1. iscences
  2. 225 loc cit 226 Cf Evtuhov op cit 12 227 loc cit 228 Cf Andronikof opcit 38 229 from PHILOSOPHY 632 at Laikipia Universit
  3. [10] Cf. Perfil de Adidas, op. cit. [11] Cf. Perfil de Adidas, op. cit. [12] Cf. Tienda online de la Real Sociedad San Sebastian, https://tienda.realsociedad.eus/, consultado en 8 de Diciembre de 201
  4. imal effort

Since the publication of the Chester Beatty Papyrus 2018 this work is now accessible almost complete (cf. Schrage, op. cit. 198ff). The Coptic (Sahidic and Achmimic) versions go back to a Greek original text, of which we possess a papyrus fragment with six lines; but with this nothing much can be done. The papyri were written in the 4th or 5th century. The Coptic Apoc. El. presents admonitions. Cf. Stone, op. cit., II, 12-13; Brilioth, op. cit., pp. 101: Meinhold, op. cit., pp. 43-44. 10 W. VI, 511. 11 Ibid., 511-512. 12 Ibid., 511. This exposition of the doctrine of the real presence.

Cf Max Weber Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft op cit

Cf. Tucker, D. op. cit. pp. 189-97. For a related attempt to translate Rawls' principles into a more naturalistically conceived theory of individual rights, see: Dworkin, R. Taking Rights Seriously, London, 1981, chapter 6. Cf. Buchanan, A. op. cit. chapters 6-7. For a fascinating description of what can happen when individual rights are not taken seriously, see: Fedor, F. Heller, A. and. Cf. Rohde, op. cit. (see note 13), passim, and Martini, op. cit. (see note 5), 187, note 61. Martini notes that the postulated epic U4T,6rjs is not always maintained. He ascribes this in some cases to Ovid's model being in the elegiac or later epylliac manner. But it is precisely such non-epic passages that seem most 'Ovidian'. Surely Rohde's explanation is better here (op. cit., 29): narrandi. On the issue of expansion see Deus caritas est, 28; Address to the participants at the IV National Conference of the Italian Church, op. cit. L'arte scomparirebbe dai musei solo per ricomparire ovunque! , Stewart Home, op. cit

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Words ascribed to Adolfo Amitrano by his son Ciro, who worked on the construction of the house (cf. the account in P. Depietri, op. cit.). La tradizione sarebbe l'elemento dinamico, il motore del progresso dei dogmi (P. Gauthier, op. cit. p. Tradition would be the dynamic element, the engine of the progress of the dogmas (P. Gauthier, op. cit. p. Trovandosi lì persone sedute, hanno fatto. Tom Roberts's large canvas, Shearing the rams (fig. 1) is popularly seen today as an archetypal vision of Australian pastoral life. With his considerable capacity for self-advertisement, Roberts did much to foster this notion. He was proud of the fact that he had travelled into the country and spent months working on the picture in an outback shed at Brocklesby, near Corowa, New South Wales Cf. Carr, op. cit., p. 105: « A myth of enormous potency, available to radicals and traditionalists alike, grew out of Spain's unique and proud resistance. Nevertheless, given the strength of local ties, the patriotism that was to mark the great crises remain an abstract emotion, imperfectly felt at the most intimate levels ». 68. El Memorial literario del 20-IV-1806 comenta, entre otras.

It may date even from the 1st century (cf. op. cit. n. 1), but references inside and outside the text create likely dates ranging from 95 to 154 A.D. (both Origen and Jerome thought the author was the very Hermas known to Paul, i.e. Romans 16.14), but it is probably more likely later than earlier in that range. So popular the Sheppherd was that it was widely regarded as inspired--it was. Op. cit. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase opere citato, meaning in the work cited. It is used in an endnote or footnote to refer the reader to a previously cited work, standing in for repetition of the full title of the work.. Op. cit. thus refers the reader to the bibliography, where the full citation of the work can be found, or to a full citation given in a previous footnote 15 Cullmann assumes rather than argues for the authenticity of Mark 14: 62 (cf. op. cit., 117ff., 157 n.2). 16 A. J. B. Higgins, 'The Old Testament and Some Aspects of New Testament Christology' in F. F. Bruce (ed.), Promise and Fulfilment (Edinburgh, 1963), 139. 17 This seems to be the position of R. T. France, Jesus and the Old Testament (London, 1971), 102f. The transition from Psalm.

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Southern Army Operations Record, op. cit., p. 25. Cf. Chapter VI. 7. Hasty construction of an airfield on Phuquoc Island, off the southwest coast of Indo-China, during the first part of November 1941, helped to extend slightly the range of Indo-China based fighter planes. From this field fighters were able to cover the landings of the main Malaya invasion forces at Singora and Pattani, in. Deeply alarmed (Nöldeke, op. cit., pp. 485-86), Ḵosrow sent several armies against him, and later, with a larger host joined them in person. Besṭām garrisoned strategic mountain passes, and fought the royal forces in a great battle in the neighborhood of Hamadān. When the heavy engagements continued for three days, Ḵosrow resorted to treachery, and at his instigation, Pariowk, who. 50 M.P. Speidel, op. cit. (n. 16) 86, who first recognized the 1 per cent deduction, suggested an 16) 86, who first recognized the 1 per cent deduction, suggested an exchange fee for conversion of. Cit. and Op. Cit. (More Repeat Citations) Like 'ibid.', these Latin terms are also used for repeat citations in footnotes. 'Loc cit.' is short for loco citato, which means 'in the place cited'. 'Op. cit.' stands for opere citato, which means 'in the work cited'. As these definitions suggest, 'loc. cit.' therefore refers to the same place in the same source as a previous. [14] See NGFS (2018), op. cit., and Carney, M., Breaking the tragedy of the horizon - climate change and financial stability, speech at Lloyd's of London, 29 September 2015. [15] See, for example, Green Bond Principles, International Capital Market Association (updated as of June 2018). For an overview of the most-used certification mechanisms for green bonds, see Ehlers, T. and.

Op. cit. - Wikipedi

Academic Writing:The Notation System:Footnotes and Endnote

  1. Größe des cf aus Upolu: 9'5mm breit, Q-bmm lang. Aus der Sammlung des Wiener Hofmuseums liegt das von Heller (op. cit.) beschriebene Original- exemplar (19) aus Tahiti vor. Dasselbe stimmt mit dem von Dr. Reching - RCYJM7 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Download this stock image: . Denkschriften - Österreichische Akademie der.
  2. Download this stock image: The struggle of the nations - Egypt, Syria, and Assyria . cit.. in the Ttecueil de Travaua; vol. ii. plates on pp lOU, 107. The significance of the crossing of the Nile, and the mystic meaning of the voyage toward* Abydos, were pointed out by Maspero, J^:tudes Egyptiennes, vol. i. p. 118, et seq. Wilkinson, op. cit., vol. Iii. pi. Ixvii.: cf. Maspero, Htudes.
  3. Grünbaum, op. cit., 144, mentions a Coptic belief that on Midsummer Day or near it, the archangel Michael discharges a drop into the Nile which makes its water undrinkable. There is also a remark that during Nisan (the month in which the Spring Equinox occurs) a poisonous, jelly-like substance falls on vegetation ( HaPardes , 23a)
  4. Pitḥe Teshubah on Yore Deah 179:3 mentions this Sephardic custom: before moving into a new home a hen and rooster were domiciled there for a while and then slaughtered on the premises; Scheftelowitz, op. cit., 20-1, 54; Testament of Judah the Pious, §50; cf. Marmorstein, JJV, II (1925), 361 f.
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  6. In Gates, Scott and Reich, Simon (eds) op. cit., p. 81. cf. Vermeij, Lotte (2011) Socialization and Reintegration Challenges: A Case Study of the Lord's Resistance Army. In í-zerdem, Alpaslan and Podder, Sukanya (eds) op. cit., p. 184. cf. Ames, Barry (2010) Methodological Problems in the Study of Child Soldiers. In Gates, Scott and Reich, Simon (eds) op. cit., p. 15. Lischer, Sarah K.
  7. It is quite probable that Justin used a concordance, or harmony, in which were united the three synoptic Gospels (Lippelt, op. cit., 14, 94) and it seems that the text of this concordance resembled in more than one point the so-called Western text of the Gospels (cf. ibid., 97). Justin's dependence on St. John is indisputably established by the facts which he takes from Him (I Apol., lxi, 4, 5.

The Father engendered Him by a free and voluntary act (Dialogue with Trypho 61, 100, 127 and 128; cf. Teder, op. cit., 104), at the beginning of all His works (Dialogue with Trypho 61-62, II Apol., vi, 3); in this last text certain authors thought they distinguished in the Word two states of being, one intimate, the other outspoken, but this distinction, though found in some other apologists. Related terms for 'op cit': abbreviation, acronym, anon., B, backronym, BAU, bpi, Capt., CCTV, cf, col, cont., Ct, cu., deg., del., dept, d.o.b Cf. Weil, Simone: Pensées sans ordre concernant l´amour de Dieu, op. cit. , p. 48. 48. [27] In her contention that the belief in God is not a prerequisite for salvation Simone Weil coincides with Hermann Cohen, one of the great theological thinkers in Jewish history An example of footnote referencing 1. Camperdown Cemetery in Newtown, Sydney is considered one of Australia's most historically significant cemeteries 2.The cemetery contains the remains of many influential people who played an important role in the early history of Sydney and Australia; the land was already associated with famous Australians before it became a cemetery 3 op. cit. translation in English-French dictionary. Showing page 1. Found 1184 sentences matching phrase op. cit..Found in 25 ms

14. Cf. Westermann, op. cit., pp. 316ff. 15. Verse 24 probably mirrors a matriarchal society (so von Rad, op. cit., 83). If the myth were designed to support patriarchy, it is difficult to explain how this verse survived without due alteration loc. cit. or loco citato - in the place cited, to indicate the repetition of a title and page number of a work already cited; ms, mss - manuscript or manuscripts; n.d. - no date; n.p. - no place of publication; op. cit. or opere citato - in the work cited, similar to ibid in referencing a previously cited work; p. or pp. - page or page 330. GLIMPSES OF WOODSTOCK. tember 9, 1897, April 12, 1898, October 27, 1898, August 12, 1902. 25. Woodstock Walking Club Diary (Signs), p. 30, WA, IK 3a 124 CIT said it was prepared to incorporate these special conditions for the carriage of dangerous goods over certain short shipping routes (United Kingdom to mainland Europe and Ireland, Denmark, Federal Republic of Germany, German Democratic Republic and Poland to Sweden) into LIF (General List of Frontier Points and restrictions applicable to international rail freight transport) Esegui il download di questa immagine stock: La lotta delle nazioni - Egitto, Siria e Assiria. msee V. in Champollion, Monumenti, ecc., vol. ii. PP. 490-G8S (cf Lefkbuee, op. Nit., vol. iii pt. 2), quella di Ramses VI. In Champollion, op. Cit., vol. ii LEFEBmiE, op. Cit., vol. iii pt. 1, pis. 48-80), quella di Ramses VII in Ciiajipolliox, op. Cit., vol., pp. 442-446, 803-806 (cfr Lefebube, pp.

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Cf. MALAMuD, op. cit. 9 E. R. KED, Irresistible Impulse as a Defense in Criminal Law, U. OF PA. L. REv., C (May, 1952), 956-993. The irresistible impulse and compulsive crime concepts seem to have at their base the same assumptions inherent in the old faculty psychology concepts moral perversion, moral imbecility, inhibitory insanity, affective mania, monomania, etc., each of. Alle Dienstleistungen der Stadt sind nach Themen sortiert, welche Ihnen die Möglichkeit bieten, Ihr Anliegen direkt zu erledigen According to Syrian sources Theodore was the cousin of the somewhat younger Nestorius (Nestle, op. cit. in bibliography); Polychromius, From the New Testament he excised the Catholic Epistles (except I Peter and I John) and the Apocalypse (cf. Leontius, loc. cit., III, 13-17, in P.G., LXXXVI, 1365-68). In his explanation of the Holy Writ Theodore employs primarily the prevailing historical. 1995 | Live Auction 5380 . Books. Lot 4 the valley cf ag observed op. cit). Hayes cit.) in A irr CaF,fomia's Central A. Lakeshore 'Road, Québec, Canada, +1:9X (Alameda consistent Because is a California Species of cern it is critical.

Hispania Visigothica est spatium historiae Hispaniae post Imperii Romani Occidentalis casum usque ad annum 711, Hispania amissa dicta.Qua aetate Visigothi paeninsulam Ibericam incolebant, urbes condebant, bella gerebant, artesque colebant. Haec est ultima Antiquitatis Posterioris et prima Medii Aevi aetas Hispanica.. Visigothi in Hispaniam intraverunt anno 416, amici Romanis Kasser and Wurst reconstruct this word as presenting (op. cit., p. 195); but cf. Jenott, op. cit., p. 196. Page 40: Your minister. Kasser and Wurst originally considered the ruler of the world as a possible reconstruction (op. cit., p. 199), which is followed by Willis Barnstone in The Restored New Testament: A New Translation with Commentary, Including the Gnostic Gospels Thomas, Mary. cf. est abbreviatio quae confer significat. Nexus externi. Abréviations d'expressions latines apud officinam linguae Francogallicae Quebecensem; L. Kip Wheeler, Common Latin and Non-English Abbreviations Used in Research apud universitatem Carson-Newma

The Doctrine of Provocation The Cambridge Law Journal

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l5 See Kitchen, op. cit., pp. 87 ff.; Sarna, op. cit., pp. xxii ff.; Lambert, op. cit., pp. 287 ff. l6 This identification was made especially by II. Gunkel, Schopfung und Chaos in Urzeit und Endzeit (Gottingen, 1895), pp. 29 ff. COSMOLOGY IN GENESIS I 5 to the present day claim that there is in Gn I :z an echo of the old cosmogonic myth, l7 while others deny it.ls The question of a. This is the ultimate Cash Flow Guide to understand the differences between EBITDA, Cash Flow from Operations (CF), Free Cash Flow (FCF), Unlevered Free Cash Flow or Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF). Learn the formula to calculate each and derive them from an income statement, balance sheet or statement of cash flow Holding in his arms a linen bag (porrigitur in ulnas ejus sacculus super planetam; a symbol of the highest function of these clerics, that of carrying, as stated above, the consecrated hosts) he prostrated himself while the Pontiff pronounced over him a simple blessing (Mabillon, op. Cit., II, 85, ed. Paris, 1724). It may be well to mention here the two prayers of the ancient Roman Mass-book. 3. von Rad, op. cit., p. 406; but cf. Dahood, Psalms 51-100, Anchor Bible (New York: Doubleday and Co., 1968), p. 187. 4. Eichrodt, op. cit., p. 521. 5. Weiser, op. cit., p. 507. 162 . Smith: A Crisis in Faith 163 inquiry into the nature of man's communion with God, and the problem of suffering is really only the occasion of departure for this. The psalm is a confession revealing a man's. cit (plural cits) (derogatory, now rare) A citizen; a townsman, city dweller. 1714, Bernard Mandeville, The Fable of the Bees ] the women of quality are frightened to see merchants wives and daughters dressed like themselves: this impudence of the city, they cry, is intolerable; mantua-makers are sent for, and the contrivance of fashions becomes all their study, that they may have always.

補章―2 ヨーロッパ史における戦争と軍事組織――中世から近代 4

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common malignancies in the United States. Every 3 years, the American Cancer Society provides an update of CRC incidence, survival, and mortality rates and trends. Incidence data through 2013 were provided by the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Persinger, 39 Ohio Op. 315, 86 N.E.2d 335 (C.P. 1949); cf. JACKSON, op. ct. smpra note 2, at 13. Courts have noted that cemetery lots are not treated as items of commerce. Abell v. Proprietors of Green Mount Cemetery, 189 Md. 363, 56 A.2d 24 (1947). Nor are they a subject for barter and sale. Fraser v. Lee, 8 Ohio App. 235, 245 (1917). Where such plots have become items of commerce, the court. Early Australian Zionism (1894-1927) For many years, researchers into early Australian zionism have been hampered by the lack of primary source material in Australia

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Classification of the Himalaya COMPILED BY H. ADAMS CARTER This study aims to classify the different groups of the Himalaya from its eastern end westward through the peaks of Garhwal (Uttar Pradesh) in India Common Abbreviations Used in Criminal Record Reports This list should be used only as a guide in interpreting criminal record information. Som fratello 890 891 F. M. Dostoevskij, I demoni, op. cit., p. 151. R. Guardini, Religiöse Gestalten in Dostojewskijs Werk, op. cit., p. 33; tr. it., pp. 30-31. ~ 357.

Definition of CIT in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of CIT. What does CIT mean? Information and translations of CIT in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web visz a víz sodor 2019. szeptember 9., hétf the Lotus Sutra (cf. the selected bibliography in the translation of the Lotus camels, mules, boars and dogs (op. cit., p. 83). It would be possible to quote a few more passages in which Watson's translation is not entirely satisfactory but they are very few compared to the many passages in which his translation is both more precise and elegant than those of his predecessors. His. Jacques-Alain Miller, « Crianças Violentas » 9. Nós evocamos a passagem da violência do real ao simbólico, não esqueçamos certamente o imaginário. Para nos atermos aos dois primeiros registros, é.. La relecture postcoloniale d'oeuvres « canoniques » européennes et la question de l'identité culturelle. Perspectives à partir d'‹ Une tempête › de Césaire et ‹ The Odyssey › de Walcot

EMENTA: RECURSO ADMINISTRATIVO. 'IMPERTINENCIA DE 'PEDIDO DE RECONSIDERAÇÃO'. PRINCIPIO DA VINCULAÇÃO AO EDITAL. DECADÊNCIA DO DIREITO DE RECORRER. ANÁLISE DAS ALEGAÇÕES COM FULCRO NO DIREITO DE.. Thus Jakobson, Kernel, op. cit., p. 43 and idem, Echoes, op. cit., p. 175; Mareš, Legenda, op. cit., p. 106 and idem, Anthology, op. cit., p. 15; Tschižewskij, Literatur, op. cit., p. 22. The church was built in 926 by Wencelas, who had intended to dedicate it to St. Emmeran. The change to St. Vitus, patron saint of Saxony, reflects the fact that in 929 Bohemia became a German fief. The. [1] Sarma, Giridhar & Sarma, Paramesvarananda (ed.), Vaiyākaraṇasiddhāntakaumudī, part III, p.399 [2] cf., sattāyāṃ vidyate jñāne vetti vinte vicā..


三重県立美術館 マティスからモローへ 1-3 石崎勝基 研究論集4 アンリ・マチス ギュスターヴ・モローMosaico geométrico y culinario (Río Verde) LugarSeptic drainfield size table - leachfield size, soakaway
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